St. James Lutheran Church
"By My Works I Will Show My Faith."-JAMES 2:18


St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church
2040 Oakwood Ave. N.E.
Grand Rapids, MI 49505

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Church Office: 363-7718

Rev. James H. Blain, Pastor

If you wish to be active in a particular area of church service, please contact the organization or board chairperson.

Altar Guild Lisa Singleton, Karen Swanson
Acolyte Pastor Blain
Lector Pastor Blain
Usher Jack Lynch
Deacon Jack Lynch
Trustee/Building Maintenance Dale Rosema
Sunday School Heather Hall, Karole Baar
Congregation President Bob Toland
Congregation Vice President John Weiss
Congregation Treasurer Holly Damstra
Congregation Controller Roxane Kippen
Congregation Secretary Carol Bifulco
Church Secretary Karen Swanson
Greeters Karen Swanson
Nursery Lynne Roof
Music Dept. Beth McKay
Finance Roxane Kippen
ISJ Joint Board of Ed L. Blain, A. Reeves, D. DeJonge
Evangelism (Carnival) Pastor Blain, Beth McKay
Stewardship Cindy McAuliffe
Social Ministry Pastor Blain, Phyllis Schultz, Eunice Florip
Public Relations Bee Ruble
Youth Beth McKay
Planned Giving Dale Robart
Strategic Planning Dale Rosema
Thrivent Dale Rosema
Menservants Dale Robart
Dorcas Bee Ruble
LWML Cindy McAuliffe, Mary Ward
Web Committee John Weiss, Josh Reed
Lutherans For Life Marion Friedrich
Friends in Faith Walt Kryzanowski
W.M.L. High School Pastor Blain
North End Community Ministry (NECM) Dale Rosema
Vacation Bible School (Music Camp) Pastor Blain, Beth McKay
Funeral Luncheons Marijo Pataniczek, Sandi Robart
Prayer Chain Intercessor Sandy Harper, Marion Friedrich
Chief Offering Teller Nancy Spears
Blood Drive Bee Ruble
Kitchen Supply Coordinator Grace Rosema
ISJ Volunteer Lisa Singleton
Library Marjie Weiss, Rie Wiles

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St. James Lutheran Church
2040 Oakwood Ave. NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49505
(616) 363-7718